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Updated 8/27/2015
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A truth´s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn´t the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn´t flat. ~Harry Dresden~

By the time a thousand people had viewed this site, I received two emails from folks accusing me of being two-faced because I told the world that Jerry Ricks was a nice guy and now I am saying the opposite. In defence of myself, I simply say two things:

1. There is an axiom in law that states, "If you know about a crime and fail to report it, you become party to the crime." I believe that my testimony clearly demonstrates that Jerry Ricks committed white-collar crimes. White-collar crimes have become so commonplace in our society among corporate heads and politicians that most people have stopped paying attention, but I am not one of those people.

2. I was deceived by Jerry Ricks about things you will read here in my testimony, or I would never have said that I believed Jerry Ricks to be an honest and an honorable man. Jerry Ricks has publicly lied to the entire Joy To Live family. He has stolen from me and several others and in my opinion, people who stand in the public eye at the heads of corporations and governments should be held even more accountable than the "average" Joe.

But before you read the rest of  the story, I just wanted to include a quick update here because since I posted the Joy To Live Scam Story, it has come to my attention that Jerry Ricks is defaming me by calling me a jailbird and a criminal.

I appreciate people who are honest enough to discern the truth when they have all of the facts, so for those who haven't heard what happened to me, let me shed some additional light so that I am no longer judged by half-truths that Jerry Ricks is spreading about me.

I lived in Mexico for six years and nearly four of those years were spent creating the Joy To Live Story and building the JTL Company. Some may think it is criminal to live abroad, but according to the last statistics I read, there are more than ten thousand people expatriating from the United States everyday. 

I don't believe they are doing it because they are criminals and neither did I. I travel freely to and from the United States and if I were a criminal, I would be detained any time I crossed an international border.

On the other hand, the United States has become a haven for criminals and ilegal aliens and that is why many good people are choosing to live elsewhere!

Back to the accusation of being a criminal - It is true that I spent one night in a Mexican jail. I own four homes in Mexico. Two of them are situated on rather large properties and totally enclosed by an 8-foot cement wall. 

The one that I built myself and was living in was built to US standards and was perhaps the nicest house in town. The problem was, I lived directly across the street from the drug cartel's safe house where they kept their drugs and guns and these folks wanted my house and property without paying for it.

One night about 9 pm, several trucks pulled up in front and the Federales stormed my house. I was totally surprised to see the Federales at my house because to my knowledge I had done nothing wrong.

There was a person with the Federales that I recognized. He was an individual that I had employed to hang sheetrock and put tile on the floor when I was finishing my house just weeks prior to this event.

While they searched my office and adjoining utility room, I was held in one of the bedrooms and was not allowed to watch. After considerable time they took me into my office. They showed me a small plastic bag with perpaps 20 bullets which they supposedly found behind a panel of sheetrock they had torn off the wall. 

I cannot say for sure if my former employee had planted the bullets there or if they were carried in by someone that night. All I know is they didn't let me watch, and while they were supposedly searching for something illegal, they stole a brand new expensive guitar, an ipod and several other items of value. Of course they denied it later when I confronted them.

When they accused me of having bullets in my house I was more than a little shaken, because this is a 30-year offense in Mexico and if I had been convicted, I would never have seen the outside of a prison wall as long as I lived.

My bail was $3,500 and I called Jerry Ricks and asked him to wire me the money via Western Union. In the manner that Jerry is defaming me, he is making it sound like he paid my bail. 

Jerry did not pay my bail. He took the money from my JTL ewallet where I had sufficient commissions waiting to cover the entire amount.  He did wire me the money for which I am grateful, but he has no cause to make me look like a criminal and a loser, which I am neither.

Most people can discern the truth when they have both sides of a story - honest people usually can.

As you can see, I am not writing this from prison. I was able with the help of a good attorney to beat the charges.

Later on, I found out that my former employee was a member of the drug cartel and had been sent to my home looking for work so as to frame me and send me to prison so that the cartel could take over my properties.

And as you will see as you continue to read, Jerry Ricks hurt many people. Without a victim there can be no crime, but in this case every member of JTL has been hurt indirectly if not directly by Jerry Rick's actions.

Jerry Ricks lied without shame to the entire JTL family and I think it is only fair that you see another side of the man who purports to tell you the truth and take care of your best interests before deciding to continue doing business with him. 

Not only has Jerry Ricks reformulated several of the products in order to make JTL products cheaper and more profitable to the company, but he has purposely lied to and stolen from a number of people, and you simply need to be aware that if he has done it to some, he will most probably continue down this same destructive path until he destroys JTL and everyone that follows him. In order to "bring honor to business" a company owner must first be honorable.

Shortly after the time that I caught Jerry Ricks lying and stealing I confronted him and asked him to repent, but he would not. I gave Jerry Ricks several opportunities to set things right and I told him very clearly that if he didn't, I would have to correct my own testimony about him being a man of integrity. Nothing would have been said if Jerry Ricks had made things right.

So although some may accuse me for destroying JTL, that simply is not true. When Jerry Ricks bit even the hand of even one of the JTL Associates who fed him, he does injury to every JTL Associate and he alone is responsible for his actions. In fact, I will go so far as to say that if Jerry Ricks attends a corporate sponsored conference call and also sends out an email to the entire JTL Family admitting these errors, and promises to correct them and never do them again, I will quickly take down this website and ask all JTL Associates to forgive him and to give him another chance!

Until that day, Jerry Ricks must bear the responsibility for this informatioin becoming public knowledge and he must now bear full responsibility for whatever happens to JTL, even if it includes the implosion of the company.

It is absolutely wrong to allow public figureheads to get away with their crimes. My advice to each of you is to send a very clear email message to asking Jerry Ricks to admit his errors and to right his wrongs, so that this chapter in the JTL story can simply be erased and go away.

Note: Since the publication of this website, it appears that Jerry Ricks has closed his email address above because he received too many complaints. That simply indicates to me that Jerry Ricks really doesn't care to hear the truth, but for the sake of the JTL company, you may want to continue to tell him how you feel about this whole situation in hopes that he will one day humble himself and listen. Please send your future complaints to his other email address;

In my opinion, Jerry Ricks disintegrated the pillar regarding the integrity of company owners and as a result JTL had lost 75% of its sales volume prior to my termination notice. JTL is like a ship that is sinking and there may yet be some people unaware of this fact and perhaps would like to learn where to go to find a better opportunity to lead their JTL members to before they all get scattered. If you are one of my loyal friends who still considers me to be a capable leader, I will be happy to introduce you to something beyond stupendous, but first let me clear my conscience by telling you (as Paul Harvey would say) the "rest" of the story.

Joy To Live may best be described as a house that is divided ("a house that is divided against itself cannot stand") and you will understand that statement better as you read on.

Jerry Ricks holds the title of CEO and his wife Debbie Ricks holds the title of Office Manager. Jerry Ricks does many things well, but he is inept as a CEO because he refuses to impose anything upon his wife Debbie even though she continues to do things that are very destructive to the JTL company and the mlm model of doing business.

On the other hand, Jerry Ricks holds the purse strings to Joy To Live and refuses to improve the mlm software and other things that his wife Debbie Ricks needs in order to do her job effeciently and effectively. I have had conversations with both of them (individually and together) about numerous problems that they cannot agree upon, and which from a "consultant's" point of view, all needed to corrected.

One major problem that Joy To Live has had is related to their software company Firestorm. Firestorm is in my opinion the absolute worst mlm software company in the industry and without going into a lot of detail, Firestorm was calculating the JTL Matching Bonus commissions incorrectly for over two years.

One day Jerry Ricks confided in me that this problem was costing him an extra $10,000 a month. At the time I discovered this, Jerry was getting ready to board a plane to Korea, so I took it upon myself to contact the owner of Firestorm and I asked him if he was aware that our monthly Matching Bonus run was not calculating correctly. He said that he was, but he did not have a solution for fixing it.

I quickly gave him the solution, which was to calculate the commissions in "real time" (at the same time that each sale was made) and simply put that money in a bucket to be paid out monthly. This made perfect sense to him and he said that it would work. This solution would also prevent the necessity of doing a "monthly" commision run, which tied up the JTL computer for 8-10 hours on the 10th of each month, making it impossible to do anything else while the commissions were being calculated.

The fact that Jerry Ricks had already paid Firestorm for a software that should have worked perfectly, I believed that Firestorm should fix the problem on their dime, but the owner of Firestorm informed me that they would charge us to program it. 

I told him that we would need to have it fixed in time to turn on the new software on the first day of the month, so as not to run two opposing commissions on the same set of data. He agreed with me. I asked him how much he would charge us, and he said $2,000. 

I asked him when he could have it done and he told me they could have it ready by the end of the current month. He then told me that he didn't need any money down; all he would need was Jerry Ricks' approval and they would get started that very day.

I was very excited and I phoned Jerry Ricks in Korea and told him that I had "great" news. I enthusiastically explained to him what I had done and that Firestorm only needed his approval to fix the problem and that it would save him $10,000 in slightly more than two weeks. To my utter amazement, Jerry was infuriated and he yelled at me through the phone saying, "You dirty rotten Son of a B_tch (female dog), you went over my head!"

I was shocked. This is not the answer you would expect from a sane and rational man. I had just saved him $10,000 and he was yelling at me and calling my dear mother unforgiveable names. I took a deep breath to gain my composure and I quietly asked him how I had gone over his head. He didn't answer me.

I told Jerry that "he had left the barn door open" (I used this analogy because Jerry grew up on a dairy farm) and I told him that "I was only being a good steward and taking care of his interests while he was out of the barn." I then explained that there was no way I could go over his head. I told him that even if I had paid for the programming myself, that Firestorm would not activate the fix without his approval.

Jerry did not calm down even after I expained this to him. He only yelled at me a second time even louder, calling my mother a female dog again. 

I quietly excused myself and said no more about it. Three months later, Jerry Ricks finally got around to calling Firestorm to fix this problem. Wouldn't you know that they implemented the "exact same fix" that I had suggested to them?

There were many more software improvements that needed to be made. In my professional opinion, several of them meant the life or death of Joy To Live. 

Debbie Ricks was supportive of my suggestions because several of the things I was asking for would have made her job much easier. For example, Debbie had to manually fill out paperwork by hand for each international shipment, which took 1/2 hour for each package. This all could have been done with the click of a button with a minor upgrade to our software.

Jerry would not appropriate even $2,000 to allow even the smallest, but  necessary improvements to be made to the software, which caused Debbie to sabotage the international growth of JTL because it was increasing the intensity of her work load exponentially. 

I heard Debbie Ricks say many times that she wished we weren't shipping internationally at all. I also heard her say that she hated the mlm model of doing business and that she didn't like network marketers in general because they are different from "normal" people and are very demanding in many ways.

Debbie Ricks was in total control of customer service and Joy To Live Associates were seldom cared for in an efficient or a friendly manner. It became a habit for Customer Service Personel (including Debbie) to say, "If you are not happy, just submit your resignation." Some Associates even received emails that included this language. 

CEO, Jerry Ricks refused to enforce any policies upon his wife Debbie. Even though many of us made him aware of the complaints that were coming in daily, he preferred to bury his head in the sand, rather than ruffle any feathers with his wife Debbie Ricks. That is not the character of any leader that I would choose to follow.

So as you can now see, Joy To Live was a company with two heads that could never agree on the simplest of problems let alone ones that affected the well-being of the entire company. 

Building a business with Joy To Live was a chore instead of being fun. There were always enough problems to take care of that the leaders didn't have time left over to bring in new people and many of them started dropping out and recruiting their teams into other companies. 

I personally had sponsored over 200 people into Joy To Live. I was a Black Diamond and was receiving $822 monthly as a car bonus. This is a pitiful amount of money to earn based upon the size of my organization and that amount only lasted a few months as major teams began leaving due to the number of problems that were not being taken care of. 

My largest monthly income was $5,500 dollars and $822 of that was from the car bonus, leaving $4,678 that came from Matrix and Matching Bonuses. Prior to being terminated from Joy To Live my income had dropped quite rapidly and in my final month with JTL I only earned $2,100 with 22,000 people in my downline.

As I already mentioned, I was terminated as Master Distributor of Joy To Live. I now write this history or Joy To Live Scam Story with a bit of sadness in my heart. I gave 4 years of devoted service and over 7,000 hours of my time to write a book and build a marketing system, which took EMA (now JTL) from the brink of failure to a successful company, enriching owner Jerry Ricks to the tune of several millions of dollars and myself receiving a few peanuts by comparison.

I am not angry and I hold no rancor in my heart because of what Jerry Ricks has done to me. I have made many lifelong friends for which I am grateful and as a most difficult and arduous chapter of my life comes to an end; another door has opened up that is filled with sunshine and bright light. So I am thankful for this experience.

However, because I was featured in many videos and on many webinars and conference calls where I basically told the world that Jerry Ricks was an honorable man, I feel obligated to now tell the world that he is not.

If what I have already said were not enough, I will further demonstrate that Jerry Ricks is both a thief and a liar and if he tries to deny these allegations, I have screen shots, videos and recordings to demonstrate the truth of the things I am reporting, should the day ever come that I need to support them.

Realizing how busy most people are today, I am trying to keep this summary of the joytolivescam story rather short. I plan to post the entire story as an addendum to this page at a later date for those who may want more complete details.

1. Jerry Ricks started EMA (Now Joy To Live) with virtually no money. Jerry had recently failed in a business named Alivamax. He blamed his partner for the failure, but the truth is, without his partner, he did no better with his new company named EMA. EMA was on the very brink of failure at the time I was hired as a consultant. Jerry had no money to pay me and offered me the Master Distributor position along with promises of future cash settlements (which I never received) in exchange for my services.

2. Jerry Ricks lied about owning the building from which Joy To Live does business. Jerry told lied to me about owning the building before I came on board with Joy To Live and thousands of people around the world have heard him repeat this lie on live conference calls which are recorded and preserved. I was in Jerry's office one day when a well-dressed gentlemen walked in. He appeared quite nervous as if he had something to say to Jerry Ricks in private. Jerry introduced me as his consultant and introduced this gentleman to me by the name of Ralph Sorensen.

Then assuming it was safe to talk, Ralph proceeded to tell Jerry Ricks that if he didn't start paying rent for the office space he was using, that Ralph would have to kick Jerry out of the building. When Ralph left, I asked Jerry what was going on and he told me that when his telecom business went down, that the IRS was coming after him for several million dollars in back taxes and with no income coming in, he wasn't able to make the payments on the building since the late 1990's. He then asked his good friend Ralph to make the payments which he has done at the rate of $20,000 a month since then. Jerry also confessed that the building was in Ralph's name, but that he could recoup the building as soon as he pays Ralph back the money he owes him.

I quickly calculated, "late 1990's would be at least 15 years. $20,000 x 12 months x 15 years equal $3,600,000." Obviously, there must be considerable interest on top of the 3.5 million Jerry Ricks now owes Ralph and the building is still not paid for. The building is only worth a maximum of $8,000,000 at market value today, if it were in good condition. Truth is, half of the roof was recovered about six years ago and the other half that was not repaired has been leaking for six years. The rain took out most of the ceiling and ruined the carpets and I personally hauled out hundreds of gallons of rainwater in the fall of 2014.

When Jerry Ricks announced on a live conference call that he owned "this big beautiful building" and that it was all paid for and that he owed no money to anyone, his hands were still hot from borrowing $8,000 in cash from a friend of mine and the week before that, some of the commission checks bounced due to insufficient funds in the bank.

This conference call took place a short time after I discovered that Jerry Ricks was stealing from me, so I decided to start preserving evidence of his lies and I also recorded a video of the rain damage and condition of the "big beautiful building" that Jerry says that he owns, but does not!

There is an Indian Proverb that says "One lie erases 999 truths." As many of you may know, if you are caught lying in a court of law, your entire testimony is thrown out and considered to be lies. Why did Jerry Ricks lie about owning this building? Was it out of insecurity? I don't know, but when you tell one lie, you always end up telling more lies to cover the first one. Jerry should have told the truth about everything from the beginning. It is not a sin to operate a business from a rented building. Many very large companies rent their office space. So if Jerry lied about owning the building and being debt free and being on sound financial footing, what else did Jerry Ricks lie about?

3. Jerry Ricks reformulated three (3) of the JTL products, which were proprietary to the supplier he was buying them from. Jerry is now purchasing them from another manufacturer and is now claiming them as his own formulas. These formulas were changed in the process, but more importantly, he cut out the gentleman who brought these products to Jerry Ricks (Jerry could not have initially grown his business without the help of this man) and furthermore, Jerry left this supplier holding a check for $10,000 which he cannot cash. This gentleman is also a good friend of mine and he told me this story personally. He said that when Jerry Ricks did this to him, that it cost him $75,000 a year and nearly put him out of business.

4. At the time I started consulting for owner Jerry Ricks, his company was called Elite Marketing Alliance or EMA. The individual who built the first EMA Corporate Website posted a blog at accusing Jerry Ricks of not paying him for the web services that he rendered. Jerry Ricks convinced me that this person was a liar, at which time I posted a rebuttal to said accusations on this website. Now since I have personally been dealt with unjustly and several others have come forward with similar stories, I now believe that this accusation must be true. Excuse the fact that the person who posted this blog is Asian and his English is not perfect. Read it for the accusation because this blog has been kept active for the past 4 years, which indicates to me that he must have been injured in some fashion by Jerry Ricks!

5. There was another gentleman who helped Jerry Ricks get EMA started in the beginning and without him Jerry never would have gotten EMA off of the ground. This man helped to bring products to EMA and JTL (including the LeJoyva Coffee). He did much of the work that launched EMA including the procuring and naming of products, creating literature, labels and many other things. Jerry Ricks didn't have money to pay him either, so Jerry gave him a position near the top of the company from which this gentleman received commissions in payment. This was supposed to have been a lifetime exchange, but Jerry Ricks subsequently took this man's name off of that position, leaving him without future income and having been paid very little for the amount of services that he performed.

6. Jerry Ricks started doing business in Africa. He befriended a young man there that soon began calling Jerry papa. Jerry became endeared with this person and began calling him his son. Jerry set his "son" up as the manager of an office in Ivory Coast and started consigning products to him.

Jerry became motivated by greed and started charging the African people double the price that he charged his distributors in the US for the same products. A $33 entry in the United States cost the Africans $66, but they only received commissions based upon the US price.  Products that were $22 in the US cost $44 in Africa, but again the commissions were paid as if the cost had been $22.

Jerry paid his son $5 for each product that went through the network in addition to his commissions as the Master Distributor of Africa so Jerry Ricks and his "son" did very well financially, but it was all from the backs of a very impoverished people. Even then the numbers of people grew in Africa far faster than in the US because the people there are very poor and are hungry for opportunity.

Jerry Ricks' "son" sold the products out of his office, which were carried home by the distributors at the time of sale. Commissions were also paid in cash from the office and the remainder was wired to Jerry Ricks in the United States.

This worked quite well for a while and Jerry Ricks was very enthusiastic about his progress in Africa. He told me that business was not very profitable in the US and he would not be terribly disappointed if he were only doing business in Africa, which led me to believe this was the reason why Jerry never gave much attention to improving conditions for his American distributors.

Jerry Ricks' African "son" gradually began wiring less and less money back to the United States in payment for the products he had sold. He used the excuse that the banks had reduced the limit which could be wired. Eventually he stopped wiring money altogether, but Jerry continued sending products on consignment believing that his money was safe and sound in a bank and that it would eventually be released.

Finally after the amount owning Jerry Ricks reached a sum of $580,000 dollars, Jerry Ricks' "son" informed him that the bank had closed its doors and run away with Jerry's money. I believed from the beginning that Jerry's "son" got the money, because he had full control of it. Furthermore, I believe it was Jerry's "son" that embezzled the money, because he was the one that introduced Jerry Ricks to other people who continued to scam Jerry out of perhaps another $400,000 over the next two years. Jerry Ricks doesn't really know if any of these people were real other than his African "son" because Jerry Ricks never met any of them in person, including his son. Jerry Ricks only talked to them via Skype and they could have all been alter egos of Jerry Ricks' "adopted" son.

Jerry became despondent after losing the $580,000 and over the next two years he basically bankrupted Joy To Live by continuing to send money to the scammers in hopes they would return his money.

I told Jerry Ricks a long time ago that it was all just a scam, which only caused him to hate me. I told him of a friend who had a similar situation where a bank was holding his money in a foreign country and would not release it to the owner. This man went to the American Embassy and the Ambassador investigated the situation, finding out that the money was indeed real and the bankers were forced to release the money or go to jail.

I went to the trouble to get the phone number to the Ambassador and told Jerry Ricks to at least call him. He told me to call them myself and I said I would. Then Jerry Ricks told me to tell them about my money. I responded that he knew I didn't have money in a foreign bank and Jerry told me not to tell them about his money either.

I find this behavior to be totally childish and unreasonable. It is not the behavior of a sane and rational person and as I said, Jerry Ricks became despondent. He went for weeks at a time without talking to me. He wouldn't answer his phone or return emails. Jerry Ricks let the Joy To Live business slide. He was under constant stress and didn't have money to keep enough products in stock to prevent back orders. For a period of time back orders were a frequently occurring problem, which hurt our business.

One day Jerry came to me all excited like a kid in a candy store. He said to me, "John, now I know for sure that I am going to get my money back." I asked him how he knew this and he told me that the people who had his money in Africa had sent him two debit cards. One with $15 on it and the other one with $500 on it and he had successfully pulled the money from the cards. In a roundabout way he did mention the thousands of dollars that it cost him to get possession of those cards and I thought to myself that I would trade Jerry Ricks two pieces of plastic worth $515 in exchange for $15,000 every day of the week! It is a rather long and sad saga, but what is saddest in my opinion is that Jerry Ricks still believes to this day that his "son" is innocent and that he will one day get his money back.

After getting into trouble financially, Jerry Ricks first borrowed money from me and then from others. Later on he began stealing downline members from me with the hopes of propping up Joy To Live with money derived from my commissions and keeping the doors open. When I first became aware of this, I called Jerry Ricks into my office and told him that I knew what he had done and I asked him what he was going to do about it. Jerry Ricks said that he didn't want to fight with me, but I was not fighting. I was talking in a calm voice and didn't raise the tone or the volume of my voice once. I then told Jerry Ricks to be an adult and asked him how he would feel if I had done the same thing to him and he got up and walked out of the room without saying anything more.

I then began looking for another company to align myself with. Jerry Ricks heard that I had joined another company and he began bad mouthing me behind my back to some of my leaders. Little did he know that these people were more loyal to me than they were to Jerry Ricks. I soon began hearing from several of them the things Jerry Ricks was saying about me.

I contacted Jerry and told him that he had no call to do such a thing. I told Jerry Ricks that he had never had such a loyal friend as me. I told him that I had saved his company from ruin and turned it into a successful business. I told him that I had made him more money than any other person in his entire lifetime. I told him that I was loyal to the end until he began stealing from me and that I would have remained loyal, if he had remained loyal to me.

Jerry Ricks' pride would not allow him to repent and he only became embittered and he blamed me for the fact that his sales volumes had dropped by 75% from what they were when I was still actively doing conference calls and building the business.

Jerry Ricks actually became jealous of me, because it was obvious even to him that the people knew me better and respected me more than they did him. But how could it be any different? Jerry Ricks didn't want to be visible. He was afraid that people would recognize him for the liar that he is. Jerry Ricks never wanted to be any more than the man behind the curtain, like the Wizard of Oz in the classic movie.

I believed in what I was doing when I gave Jerry Ricks the new name for his company (Joy To Live). I believed that Jerry was an honorable man based upon him giving me his credit card to pay for a few pictures that were used in some of the videos I created for Joy To Live.

I have since uncovered a man who is bereft of honor and truth. I have uncovered a man who has lied to the whole world and stolen from many and because of his lies and thefts, Jerry Ricks has literally knocked down the pillars that could have become the greatest company in mlm history.

Confucius said:
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

I choose not to let the actions of one human being get me down. For those who know me, my attitude is that when one door closes, another one will open wider and brighter than the last one and that has already happened for me.

I love Jerry Ricks and I forgive him for what he has done to me. If he had repented and repaired the damage when I called him on what he had done to me. I would have stayed with Joy To Live and helped to push it forward.

Since I stopped doing conference calls, overall company volumes have dropped by 75%. Now that I am openly telling the world how Jerry Ricks treats his friends, I don't believe there is a chance that the company will survive.

The Joy To Live ship is sinking. For those who have the courage to follow me and bring your Joy To Live team with you into another opportunity that has a much brighter future, I welcome you with open arms. For those of you who may choose not to, I understand how one disappointment can shatter your dreams and discourage you from ever trying again.

You can listen to one of my recorded conference calls to get an overview of what I am doing.

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Let's work together to build a legacy based upon relationships rather than always being company dependent.

My sincere appreciation to each of you who have supported me in the past. May our future be even stronger and better as we unite together in a higher, better and stronger purpose.

Kind Regards,

John Austin  801-776-3255

PS: Give me a quick call and I will give you a link that will show you a vast difference in potential income based upon having 5% of the people that you may now have in your Joy To Live organization.

I received a copy of one of the letters sent to Jerry Ricks by an astute gentleman from Africa. I thought some of you would like to read it. He has received no response from Jerry Ricks and I think a letter that is articulated as well as this one should be heard.

To: Jerry Ricks

Subject: Requesting Response to John Austin's Accusations

Dear Mr. Ricks,

My attention was drawn to the JTL scam posted by John Austin. I was made aware of this website on Friday 15/05/2015 by a JTL associate in my down line. I have been both depressed and sick since then due to several similiar disappointments I have had with many mlm companies since 2003. As a very concerned JTL associate in Nigeria, I have the following to say:

1.     Let me hope that everything Mr John Austin has accused you of is not true. At least, it should not be true of you because if it really is, then it is very unfortunate and disappointing.

2.     And if true, then do the following urgently: (a) Sincerely humble yourself, lower your pride and take full advantage of the soft landing Mr Austin has provided for you; that of a sincere repentant attitude with a strong will and promise to turn a positive new leaf for life hoping you are not yet a leopard that cannot forever repent and change its spots. (b) Both of you should reconcile issues and yourselves with possible restitutions. Also both of you then should find ways of addressing the JTL family as quickly as can be possible because only a tiny few of the JTL family in Africa are aware of this sad development. Always remember what the Bible says in the Proverbs "Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before fall." Also, "He that is often rebuked who yet hardens his heart shall suddenly fall and that without mercy and no stopping." It further says "the anger of man does not work out the righteousness of God."

3.     Never again try to lower the potencies, change the formulas or cheat the owners of any proprietary product. Rather seek to improve them to be the "best" they can be. Also, never attempt to short change or manipulate distributors' earnings in any way. It will always be discovered thereafter and consequently back fire seriously.

4.     In reference to the "African son" or Rep issue, I advise you or both you and John Austin after reconciliation to make a business or working visit to Africa to sort the money issue and other important/necessary business issues in Africa starting first with a direct trip to Cote D' Voire or Ivory Coast to discuss first with Mr Jereme and then together with him move to Nigeria to see and sort things for yourself as well assess the Nigerian potential large market. I believe the American Embassy here and the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) in Nigeria under President Buhari will seriously help out.

5.     While in Nigeria, try to see as many JTL leaders as possible in various regional places to discuss the prospects, problems and future of JTL in Nigeria.

6.     After your visit to Africa/Nigeria, you can choose to step aside from direct management of JTL with your wife Debbie on a sabbatical leave and allow John Austin and others to fix all the loose nuts for a period of two years, noting it is easier to obtain than to maintain.

7.     And in case you are afraid of continuing business in the USA, then move fully to Nigeria and focus on the fertile African marketing hoping you won't manifest the leopard skin here as well.

8.     Two of JTL products here are not well sealed and packaged protectively to avoid each counterfeiting. They are Ionic Silver and CLear Joy. Do something urgently about providing protective seal over them. Guys are smart here in evil.

9.     Please do not allow the JTL ship to go the way of the Titanic. Sacrifice anything and everything possible. It is still cheaper than to lose everything. Don't play the ostrich and bury your head in the sand!

10.    Before now, I have a mlm business model or plan I intend to share with you to add it to the present plan to make it indeed, a most rewarding mlm business in the world for a long time to come to avoid both the negative effects of products trend and distributors' shift in the industry. VERY VERY IMPORTANT!

11.    Understand that you possess the pioneering grace but that John Austin is the enabling grace, together with the development/expanding grace of all distributors serves as the corporate grace of JTL, without which there will no JTL in reality. Make no mistake about that. John Austin unquestionably has contributed immeasurably to make JTL a world brand and thus, he doubles as the sustaining grace for JTL. Let nothing BEWITCH you to ignore this fact. If you try to go on without Mr. Austin, it might be fatal. Your goal should simply be to build an enduring and sustainable worldwide JTL brand as a legacy that will outlive you. I'm not saying that Mr. Austin is perfect; none of us are, but you cannot discount what he has done for JTL. I believe that Mr. Austin is a good man. HE MEANS WELL.

12.    Finally, consider all that has happened between you and John Austin to be treated fairly and equally; with the same measure that you treat your wife Debbie. Without this kind of respect to the person who has done perhaps as much as yourselves toward creating and shaping the vision and destiny of JTL, how can you hope to forge forward, knowing that you will forever lose the confidence and respect of all those who love and respect what Mr. Austin has done to create, achieve and fulfil a common or shared purpose and the destiny of the JTL company. THIS IS ONLY A GOOD TRIAL! Be humble, yet strong like a true man who overcomes his pride in order to see the glory side of JTL.

God bless you!
Long live JTL!
God bless John Austin!


Makurdi, Nigeria 
(Jerry Ricks never responded to this gentleman's letter.)

Update July 27, 2015 - Resignation Letter From Joy To Live V.P.

Subject: Joy to Live - Breaking News

Dear EBOs,

For the past 25 weeks I have served as your VP of Marketing and it has been a pleasure and privilege to do so. 

Some very good things were accomplished during that period. However, I made the decision while on vacation that it is now in the best interest of the company for me to resign. In fact, I told Jerry on Tuesday the 21st before going out of town that my plans were to resign when I returned. 

I have come to love and respect Jerry. He has always been very fair and honest in all of our dealings. In the untold number of hours Jerry and I have spent in conversation there has never been a single cross word between us. 

However, in my opinion, for the company to reach its potential all money needs to be spent wisely. I belief my compensation will only hurt the company's ability to fund the great projects we have been working on for these past few months. It has been an honor serving you.

My warmest regards,

Kelly Reese

Notation about this letter by John Austin:

If you are good at listening to what people are saying, it often gives you a deeper insight or understanding into what is really being said. 

The subject line says "Breaking News." Breaking news can be both good and bad. It can mean "hot off the press" and it can also indicate that something is about to break apart or come tumbling down. My opinion is the latter.

At best, this was a poor choice of words for what I consider to be a "blow" to JTL. I believe that Kelly Reese was JTL's only hope of pulling things back together and now the company is left without leadership, because Jerry Ricks is "not" a marketing leader.

In the second paragraph, Kelly states that he believes his resignation to be "in the best interest of the company." My question is, "How can the resignation of the "only real leader" inside of corporate be in the best interest of any company?" It simply doesn't make sense.

Kelly's only reason for why his resignation may help the company, is that in his opinion, "for the company to reach its full potential, all (of the) money (cashflow of the company) needs to be spent wisely. I believe that my compensation (salary) will only hurt the company's ability to fund the great projects we have been working on these past few months."

If Kelly is being truthful, and I have no reason to doubt that he is, this can mean only one thing - the company is in trouble financially.

When I was still the Company Consultant, I suggested that Jerry increase the prices of the products slightly, because even then, the company was under-funded.

At the suggestion of Kelly Reese however, Jerry Ricks recently increased the price of the products for the same reason. This should have created enough additional cash flow to not only pay Kelly's salary, but even to hire more managerial staff.

Obviously, this did not increase cash flow and that is because product sales were down 80% or more by the time I left and have continued to decline. If cash flow had increased, there would easily have been enough money to continue Kelly's salary and to complete the projects, because the projects they were working on cost at most a few thousand dollars - that should be pocket change to any thriving company.

I am certain that what Kelly is saying - and I alluded to this fact earlier - the company is broke and doesn't have the cash flow to fix anything and if the company were to continue to pay his salary, it may be the straw that breaks the company's back.

Furthermore, lack of money is the excuse Jerry always gave me when I asked him to do some minor software upgrades to make the enrollment process and shopping carts more user friendly.

These are miniscule expenditures folks and Jerry was too broke to make them then, even if it meant the salvation of the company. How can it be better now, when the VP of Marketing is resigning in an attempt to reduce by a few dollars the company's expenditures each month?

When a company is so close to the edge that the "only" real leader has to step down because the company can't pay his salary, it is time to start looking for a liferaft.

Updated 8/27/2015 - Email from JTL to all EBO's
Subject: Joy to Live - Breaking News
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 13:32:00 -0400
From: "JoyToLive" <>

Joy to Live - Breaking News

Dear EBOs,

On Monday August 31st the JTL Autopilot (Marketing System) will go off line. If you have leads or personal information stored there please capture your leads and remove your personal information, before August 31st. At this time we have no alternate system to go to. We will keep you informed of any changes to this by email.

Joy to Live, LLC
Support Staff

Notation about this letter by John Austin:

Exactly one month from the day that Marketing Director Kelly Reese left Joy To Live, JTL announces that its marketing system for bringing in new members will be shut down.

This announcement falls under the same Subject Heading of "Breaking News." This would indicate to me that someone considers this to be a good thing, in face of the fact that the underlying tone denotes that JTL is "breaking" apart.

I also received a phone today telling me that one of the remaining major leaders and recruiters has decided to pull his team away from JTL. His reason for doing so is that "Jerry Ricks is still refusing to fix some minor that are important to the retention of JTL members."

 These things are very minor and inexpensive to fix and he commented that Jerry is not interested in the survival of JTL in the United States.He is only interested in growing his African market.

The reasons are very obvious and Jerry even related this same thing to me on more than one occasion. Jerry can ship products to Africa in bulk. He never has to handle or ship individual products and the people in Africa sell the products, distribute them, collect the money, pay the commissions and wire the profits back to Jerry.

Jerry provides no customer support for these people and he charges double the price for products that he charges for products in the United States. He has created a very nice situation for himself virtually free from headaches and his attitude is "to hell with the loyal JTL members" who fed him for 5 long years while he was putting together his own little dynasty!

How convenient and how self-serving. I think the leopard is finally showing his true colors.

The person relating this story went on to say, "Perhaps John Austin was right about Jerry Ricks after all."

My advice to the good people in Africa (many of whom are now dear friends) is to beware of the leopard because his love of money has overshadowed his love for his fellowman and what he has done to thousands of loyal members in the United States, he will eventually do to you. 

John Austin

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